Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Missing Echo"

Because I am about to transfer to another office (well, physically) right after the holy week,  I though of cleaning my inbox, and my PC files.  While I was browsing the files I saved some four years ago, I happened to open a file containing an exchange of conversation over yahoo messenger  with a friend named Echo.  Here it is:

Echo:   I miss you!
Me   :   Wow.... i thought you'd never say that....I also miss your many jokes, your stories...just you....
Echo:   hoo....really now?! It's because we both are too busy.  Good thing you don't miss the "problematic" Eco. :)
Me  : Hmm. i do miss that one too. Problems are part of his stories anyway.
Echo: Seriously, I miss you.  I miss your importance to me. I miss how I value you. I miss the way i defend you, i miss seeing in you what he can't see in you.
Me: Don't you see it anymore?
Echo: Of course, I still do.
Me: Aren't you happy that your "puppet friend" here is doing ok?
Echo: I just miss the role
Echo: I having the feeling of owning you........
Echo: Of course I'm happy for you. I always wish for your happiness.I hope you don't fight anymore. He's too lucky to have you.
Me: But i told you...i can't be owned.... i can only be gained...
Echo: ok ok, here you go again. I give up... I lose. (smiles)
Me: thanks so much... i miss having you too...  promise...
Me: having my "sumbungan, friend" is that ok?
Echo: It's hard to get close to you......guys coulld easily fall inlove with you.  But am ok with what we are now.  Anything goes, I am thankful to have you. You are there for me anytime. I know you and you know more ways than we know.  And I am thankful with the role that I play in your life.
Me: thank you for understanding me. thank you for being there for me.
Echo: Please always take care.

It gives me a nice feeling that somehow, one of the many people who helped me moved on from a dark past brought about by previous relationship, was friends like Echo.  He never left me although physically we are unable to get together even if we wanted to.  Right now, Eco is living a happy life with his wife and kids.  We still talk sometime, not as oftern as before, but I will always know that he is there for me...just like I am for him. I will always be thankful to you Echo, you are always missed. See you soon!