Wednesday, March 23, 2011


bakit ganun?

kung kelan naman kakasabi ko lang na okey na okey ako sa kalagayan ko ngayon, eto na naman, may susulpot namang pangyayari...hay!

hindi ko masabi kung maganda ba o hindi ito, pero ang alam ko lang, nakakalito, nakakasuya, nakakainis, nakakamiss, nakakapanghinayang.....

...pero may ngiti na muli ang aking mga labi.

bakit kaya?

The Unread Letter (A Letter for 3000 Angels)

Dear Angel,
      It’s not everyday that I get to thank God for all the blessings I have been receiving from Him and I realized that this is a good time.
     When I met you, I know that you are that one person that God sent me in order to appreciate my life more… the life that I chose to live, a life that I simply took own control of.  I chose to believe in what felt good and convenient for me, the life that I thought was God’s will.  I took it out of my own understanding, I boasted about it because I simply thought that I can do it alone.  I am strong and I can manage!  
     But when I was giving up, you were there.  When I was beginning to rise up, you had your share of falls and downsides which gave me a feeling that I belong, that I am needed, that I am important no matter how unworthy I feel and saw myself then.  You gave me all that.
     Never a single day that I forgot about the moment when we opened up and begin to share God’s love. I can still remember the shoulder you gave me when I had to shed tears then.  You were a friend…you still are.  And now that I am finally getting through the pains and scars of the past, I find myself invited by the thoughts of you. If I wasn’t there, I am sorry. For a number of callings and a couple of minutes to talk  and I wasn't available, forgive me. But I always think of you... just like now.
     I know and I feel that there is one person who continues to pray for me ------and that is you.  Now I am relieved because I found my missing self again.  I am ready to take on and face the world that I left.  
     I’ll meet you sometime, probably share a cup of coffee and talk about things like we used to.  And hey, I’ll be joining a prayer group again so I can bring back my old self.     I will continuously pray for the both of us so we may find the peace that I know we both need.
     God bless! I miss you my angel!
                                                                                                                            - Lain